Thursday, 28 May 2015

Home Show 2015 - Part 4

The Home Show 2015 is in it's final few days and it closes it's doors on the 31st. Now is the time to take a visit if you haven't already or if you have been it's time to nip back for those things you might not have picked up.

I wanted to show you a final few things before it ends for this year, especially this cute little Manzia Plank Bench from Cheeky Pea.

Home Show 2015 - CheekyPea Myrrine

It made a lovely little outdoor seating area with some great pieces from Myrrine. Just what you need for a nice picnic in the garden, on your farm or anywhere else you can possibly think of having a picnic!

Another nice outdoor set is the Bar With Stools from Decor Junction. It's all one piece and it's perfect for a garden or a deck, you could even use it in doors.

Home Show 2015 - DecorJunction Roawenwood

Roawenwood have released a Yoga Mat and Meditation cushions. The cushions come in a choice of Taupe, Blue and Green and the set also had some pretty plants to place around and create a serene little corner for you to relax in.

Happy Shopping!

Pic 1:
*Lean To - Cheeky Pea - Jake's Garden Lean-To
*Bench - Cheeky Pea - Manzia Plank Bench @Home Show 2015
*Table With Decor - Myrrine - Barn Table With Items @Home Show 2015
*Lights - Myrrine - Outdoor Lights With Churns @Home Show 2015
*Guitar - World Of Wood - Acoustic Guitar On Stand @Home Show 2015
*Rug - World Of Wood - LN Carpet 2 @Home Show 2015
*Tray - World Of Wood - Country Tray @Home Show 2015
*Trees - Jian - Ash Tree @Home Show 2015

Pic 2:
*Bar With Stools - Decor Junction - Outdoor Bar & Stools @Home Show 2015
*Grass Plant - Roawenwood - Meditation Garden - Grass @Home Show 2015
*Large Plant - Roawenwood - Meditation Garden - Snake Plant @Home Show 2015
*Mat - Roawenwood - Meditation Garden - Canvas Yoga & Tai Chi Mat @Home Show 2015
*Cushions - Roawenwood - Meditation Garden - Canvas Meditation Cushion - Taupe, Blue and Green @Home Show 2015
*Gazebo - Cheeky Pea - Twinkle Arbour
Deck - LISP - Bergamot Square Decking - Light Oak
*Trees - Jian - Ash Tree @Home Show 2015

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