Monday 25 April 2011

Easter Peeps

I'm not entirely sure what a 'peep' is. An American friend told me that they are made of mashmallow and I love mashmallow so I'm guessing they taste pretty awesome.
Someone wanna send me some?
I like messing with shadows... can you tell?

Sunday 24 April 2011

Happy Bunny

Clearly nomming chicks was not enough for me this easter, so I have befriended this stuffed bunny in hopes of him bringing me chocolate eggs.

Saturday 23 April 2011

Nomming Chicks

I got this in a hunt... and decided to eat it!
Damn easter chicks... so tasty and crunchy!
Is it like Fable? Do I get evil points for eating the crunchy chicks?

Saturday 16 April 2011

We Are Family

I'm on a family kick. So this is first of what will be several different branches of my 'family'. Some blood, some bond, some love, some DNA... some just because we took them in, etc.
Valentine, Cryssie, Peyara - Blood Link
They share a Sire whom they now all hate with a passion. For different reasons but there's a lot of hate.
There's also a lot of drama... they're worse than a soap opera.

Thursday 7 April 2011

Happy Easter 2011

I know it's bit early, but I was in a playing with costumes kinda mood. Easter is the next major holiday so it made sense. *licks the boots*

Wednesday 6 April 2011

Sn@tch Store Poster Submissions April

It's Sn@tch store poster time and I like to submit a little something because it gives me an excuse to photoshop and there's a chance I might win a nice shiney giftcard to spend in store. LOL
First one is called Touch The Sky, second one is called Show Me Your Sn@tch

Friday 1 April 2011

Fuck You

Yes I was annoyed and had a very bad attitude on the day I made this. I knew I had this pose somewhere in my inventory and didn't really take that much editing to make it look the way it does.
I get frustrated easily.... can you tell?

Something To Say?

This picture was insipired by several things. One was Born This Way video by Lady Gaga. She's wearing a tux and has full skull make-up with the guy who actually has his tattooed on. Second was I was doing a hunt and at Zenith I found this tux... actually a male gift, but I made it work! The cane has made it's second appearance. Worth the 0L I paid for it!
Love the shadows in this image... just love them.

Waiting For You

I was wearing this outfit and loved it so much I had to take a pic. I love it when what I'm wearing makes me want to take pictures.
I love it when prim clothing just fits me perfectly. It's rare.

Please, No

Another image from Cryssie's backstory.
This is the second image I've produced for it. You can see the first, it's called First There Was Catherine.
I love the shadow on this... and her eyes. I was really proud of this piece.

Private Dancer

I found this cane on The Marketplace and as soon as I tried it this image came to mind of a burlesque act on stage. I know my final piece really isn't that burlesque, in fact it's got a touch of Rihanna on it... but I like it and since the cane was a freebie.... even better!

You Shouldn't Be Here

I actually took this picture the same time I took the others using the What Next pose chair, but wasn't in the mood to do another pic like that. I kept it for a while and then one day while browsing Deviant Art I stumbled across some stock images of rooms and it hit me that I still had this image floating around in my modelling pics folder. I yanked it out and made this...
The shadowing... I dunno... I feel it could be better, but at the same time, I kinda like it.

Jumper For Love

I posted the One More Bite picture on Plurk and a Plurk friend of mine, Love Repine, commented that I needed a jumper or I was gonna catch a cold. So I did this pic just for him!

Don't Piss Off Vampires

Someone had irritated me... so I vented the best way I know how... via Photoshop


I was messing around with hair and costumes and discovered some faeries in my inventory. Then I found the beautiful backgrounds and knew I had to make these pictures.

1. Where The Fae Play
2. Near The Water They Play
3. The Fae Hide Away

Cryssie & Aeron

Aeron I met on Deviant Art. One of those people who you are just instantly drawn to. I dragged her into my warped little Second Life and here's the picture to prove it!

First There Was Catherine

This image was created with my vampire backstory in mind.
It's too long to go into now. The short of it is, Cryssie was turned and then abused for the first 5 years of her immortal life by her Sire.
This is an image to show that. I will eventually make more.

Cryssie Escapes

Another one of those demon ideas just ready to burst out.
It's not great.... but that's not the point of demon exorcism.

Off With Their Head

I was asked to go to an Alice In Wonderland themed wedding. This was the outfit I eventually went with. Yes I had to take the pic because how could I not when I looked that way. I played with shadows some more, getting better at it!

In My Dream

I was wearing this while I was modelling at Je Suis one day. I decided since I don't normally dress this way and it was really pretty that I needed to nab a pic.

Missing You

I took this pic the same day I took Valentine's version 2 profile pic and it took me forever to figure out how I wanted to use it. I like it though. He looks pensive.

Valentines Day 2011

This was something I did quick really to put on my Deviant Art page since I like to recognise holidays there. Alot of Deviants do, so I joined in the fun.
We'd just got another new gift prop from Glitterati, so I took advantage of that.

Sn@tch Poster Enteries

Every few months Sn@tch has a poster entery. I decided to enter two images.
I Didn't Do It and Night Breeze.
I won! LOL. It was the first image.... I Didn't Do It that snagged me the prize!
*proud face*


This was me messing about when bored. LOL
Litterally no other reason behind this picture.

Dirty Sweet

Continuing with the pose chair from What Next. I wanted a sepia look. I know it's not quite sepia, but I got this colour and just decided that it worked.


This pose chair is from What Next. It was on special offer one weekend and basically has sat in my inventory since then. I yanked it out one day and started snapping. It's got some beautiful poses so it had to be used.
Again, working with shadows more, trying to incorporate them more into my work.

Bloody Tear

I'd been watching True Blood. As you may or may not know, I play a vampire within Second Life and so decided to utilise the 'crying blood' aspect of being a vampire in this pic.

Lost In Music

This cone was another group gift from Glitterati. I immediately had the idea that it looked like she was sitting inside a speaker. I tried to recreate my idea. It's not perfectly executed, but it's what I like to call exorcising my idea demons. Otherwise they sit in my head and play havoc with me.

Nothing To Wear

I'd begun turning to a bit of a pose whore by now and Katey from Glitterati opened a VIP group and this prop was the first gift (there have been a ton of amazing ones since too!).
Had to a do a pic! And since I'm partial to lingerie but rarely have an excuse to wear it, it seemed perfect.


Relaxing in the bath. I really love the rose petals feature on this.
First time I did a naked shot that I actually posted anywhere.
Well... semi naked at least.

Valentine Version 2

Valentine had a make over, so I had to do another profile pic.
I'm a glutton for punishment it seems.


I was messing around with the windlight filters in Second Life.
I found what I think was called 'Costal Sunset'
I took this and then messed around with trying to create light effects in Photoshop.

Halloween 2010

This was a gift from Lelutka for Halloween 2010.
It's amazingly beautiful and I couldn't resist taking a picture in it.

Cryssie & Valentine

Starting to mess around more with backgrounds and couple poses.
This is nowhere near as good as it could've been, but I'm learning slowly.


Val needed a profile pic.
I had to comply... it's almost like a sickness.

She's Trouble

One of my first stabs at photoshopping properly with images from Second Life.
Inspired by the song 'She's Trouble' from the Backstreet Boys