Saturday, 2 May 2015

Home Show 2015 - Part 1

Home Show is back for 2015 and it opened yesterday. You have until the 30th to get your butt around the sim to check out all the brand new goodies on offer for this year.

I've got lots to show you so I'm going to break it up into several posts. Here's my first!

Artisan Fantasy have their brand new Mission Bedroom set as their brand new release for this year.

Home Show 2015 - Artisan Fantasy

You can choose between a warm or weathered wood effect. I went for the warm because I felt it was a much nicer finish to the wood but it's always fun to have choices!

Speaking of choices, you have a choice of a single or double version of the bed. The double version also has the additional option of PG or Adult animations. (Single version is PG only). The set comprises of the beds, a bedside table, a set of drawers, a stool (not shown), a trunk, a water basin, a collection of candles and a cluster of frames. The frames have the option of using the included artwork or a set where you can add your own pictures.

It's a stunning, cozy, warm feeling set that would be perfect for any family home. Especially if you wanted all your bedroom furniture to match perfectly.

With summer creeping in quickly it's always nice to have some lovely holiday feeling furniture tucked away in your inventory.

Home Show 2015 - Follow Us

If you're like me and constantly changing you house to suit the season then your beach hut is going to need the Spring Break Living Room Set and Bar Set from Follow Us.

The Living Room set includes a sofa, 2 styles of armchair and a table (with fruit bowl). The Bar set includes a bar (with drinks and bottles) and three stools.

Perfect for sitting in the sun and sipping cocktails!

There's loads more to see and I'll be posting more too but please go and check out the Home Show 2015!

Happy Shopping!

Pic 1:
*Bed - Artisan Fantasy - Mission Bed Double - Warm @Home Show 2015
*Side Tables - Artisan Fantasy - Mission Bedside Table - Warm @Home Show 2015
*Trunk - Artisan Fantasy - Mission ToL Trunk - Warm @Home Show 2015
*Drawers - Artisan Fantasy - Mission Drawers - Warm @Home Show 2015
*Frames - Artisan Fantasy - Mission Frame Cluster - Warm @Home Show 2015
*Water Bowl - Artisan Fantasy - Mission Water Basin @Home Show 2015
*Candles - Artisan Fantasy - Mission Tripod Candle Group Large @Home Show 2015
Rug - Dust Bunny - Braided Rug
Lamps - 22769 - Leafers Lamp - Gold
Cat - Fashionably Dead - Cat - 02 Sleeping Curled
Drapes - Kalopsia - Arabella Drapes

Pic 2:
*Sofa - Follow Us - Spring Beak - Sofa @Home Show 2015
*Chair - Follow Us - Spring Beak - Chair 1 @Home Show 2015
*Table - Follow Us - Spring Beak - Living Room Table @Home Show 2015
*Bar - Follow Us - Spring Beak - Bar @Home Show 2015
*Stools - Follow Us - Spring Beak - Stool V1, V2 & V3 @Home Show 2015
Coconut Drink - Cheeky Pea - Tiki Pea Drinkable Coconut Smoothie Giver
Rug - Bazar - Toronto Living Room - Rug
Blinds - What Next - White Blind - Wide
Building - Trompe Loeil - Beach Bungalow - Teal & Yellow

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