My name is Cryssie Carver

You can find me in world in Second Life and I've been blogging since October 2012.

I love to shop and I'd often take pictures of my shopping finds with my friends. I found that people were asking me where I got certain things from so I started added credits to my posts. I realised that I'd actually started blogging and it's become a growing source of pleasure for me.

I always credit everything I use, include poses and furniture. I also list where I've taken a picture if it's not a scene I've created myself or a backdrop.

I do accept items for blogging but of course there are conditions.

If you feel that something you have created may be suitable for my blog please feel free to send items to me however sending a one off review copy does not guarantee your items will be blogged. I reserve the right to choose what I wish I put on my blog. I also may not have time to dedicate a post to your item. I do not accept cash payments in RL or SL currency of any kind to blog items.

If you do choose to send me something please include a notecard that fully details where the item is available (main store / event / etc), a LM to your store (and event if applicable). It makes it easier for me to give my readers the information they need to find your item.

I shouldn't have to say this but... hassling me will not make me blog your items.

All review copies are clearly marked with an asterisk *
Review copies are either directly from the creator, via a blogger group or via an event group.

All opinions on the products are my own. I am not compensated to give 'good reviews' for blogger copies of items and if I don't like something I will not blog it. The entire point of my blog is that I show you things and brands I personally love. Yes of course receiving blogger copies of items I would have bought anyway is awesome and I am very appreciative of them but I will always give an honest review of a product I've blogged.