Friday, 31 May 2013

I'm Awkward

I think this T-shirt from Erratic is the most accurate description of me I've ever found.

I wish I had one in real life too.

Funnily enough just this morning a friend of mine said she missed my kookiness. Is kooky the same as awkward? I think it might be.

Either way I really like the new releases from Erratic. She always releases such nice quality items and always in such a nice range of colours, so there is always something for someone.

I'm Awkward

Shirt - Erratic - Mindy T-Shirt - Awkward White (mesh)
Skirt - Erratic - Sally Zipperskirt - Black (mesh)
Bracelets - Maxi Gossamer - Tarifa Bracelets (mesh)
Hair - Truth - Kenzie - Marmalade w/roots (mesh)
Skin - League - Jen Pale - Feline
Hands - SLink - Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)

Pose - Exposeur - Singles Special - 8

I hope you all have a great weekend. I'm going to continue to be awkward!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Leather & Lace

The new round of Perfect Wardrobe starts today! Since a vast majority of people seem to have the day off it's a good chance to get in some sneaky, and cheap, shopping!

Here's just a few of my favourites from this round!

This dress is super sexy. I feel like I should be sat sipping cocktails somewhere. I'll take a Manhattan please!

Leather & Lace

Dress - Sakide - Ada Dress - Black (mesh - Perfect Wardrobe)

I love this necklace. I've had it a while but it's currently on sale for 90L at Perfect Wardrobe. It changes three different metal colours too.

Leather & Lace 2

Necklace - je suis... - Enchainee Necklace - Bronze (Perfect Wardrobe)

A mask isn't usually my kind of thing, but LouLou&Co have really impressed me with this one. I had to get a picture, it was too pretty to pass up.

Leather & Lace 3

Mask - Lou Lou & Co - Gothika Mask - Black (mesh - Perfect Wardrobe)
Eyelids - SLink - Mesh lids and lashes

In case you were wondering about anything else I was wearing in these pictures, the credits are below! Enjoy your extra day off!

Hair - Truth - Denee - Gingers03 (mesh)
Skin - League - Jen Pale - SmokyRose
Eyes - IKON - Ardent - Moor
Tattoo - Kanival - Superstar 77
Hands - SLink - Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)

Pose - Exposeur - Singles Special - 1

Sunday, 26 May 2013

I'm Trying

I have no idea why I called this picture 'I'm Trying'... it was just in my head.
I'm a confused individual at times.

So the new round of The Dressing Room has crept up on us and I was immediately taken with this dress from TokiD. It's a steal for just 70L and I'm really starting to like orange. Wasn't a colour I used to go for, but this is cute. I may be an orange convert.

I'm Trying

Dress - TokiD - Mira Dress - Orange (mesh - The Dressing Room)
Boots - G-Field - Long Cuff Boots - Will (mesh)
Necklace - Maxi Gossamer - ForgetMeNot Flower Heart - Short Gold (mesh)
Hair - Truth - Gattina - Gingers03 (mesh)
Skin - League - Jen Pale - Peach
Tattoo - Kanival - Superstar 77
Hands - SLink - Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Valentine May 2013

Valentine needed a new profile picture and it's an excuse for me to Photoshop.

Valentine May 2013

Not really made to blog, but here's the credits in case you were wondering :)

Hair - Exile - Vindicated - Midnight (mesh)
Skin - Belleza - Ethan - Pale
Suit - Kauna - 3 Piece Suit - Charcoal (mesh)
Eyes - IKON - Ardour

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Zodiac Gemini

I saw this pose when I visited the new round of Zodiac yesterday. I immediately pictured it with me and Valentine.

He's a pain in my SL ass and I like how it almost looks like we're fighting, but affectionately!

I've been a fan of Exposeur poses since I first discovered them during a Pose Fair. I think it might have even been the first Pose Fair. I lose track of things so quickly in SL.

I've got loads I've never used so I've made a decision to make an effort to blog more of my poses, from all the stores, even if some of them are older.

But this one is a shiny new one! So enjoy!


Gemini 2

Suit - FateWear - Christopher Suit - Ocean (mesh)
Shoes - Ispachi - Mason Brogues - Blue (mesh)
Hair - Exile - Vindicated - Midnight (mesh)
Skin - Belleza - Ethan - Pale 0

Dress - Baiastice - Qiobe Dress - Teal (mesh)
Hair - Exile - Sparkle And Fade - Sunset (mesh)
Skin - League - Jen Pale - Natural
Tattoo - Kanival - Superstar 77.
Hands - SLink - Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)

Pose - Exposeur - As One (Zodiac)

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Warmer Days

I love that now it's getting warmer that we're getting more summery clothes in Second Life.

It's stuff I couldn't dream to wear in reality to I like to indulge in SL when it comes to floaty, pretty, girly stuff.

The new release from DCNY at Zodiac is just the type of floaty that I love. It's a beautiful set that is delicate and sweet looking. I was even more impressed that it's two separate parts meaning the skirt and top can be used separately or if you get more than one colour you can mix and match.

Warmer Days

Of course I went for green. I think it's probably my favourite colour.

Warmer Days 2

Shirt - DCNY - Twin Rose Tank - Green (mesh - Zodiac)
Skirt - DCNY - Rose Skirt - Green (mesh - Zodiac)
Shoes - Gos Boutique - FlipFlops - Black (mesh)
Feet - Gos Boutique - Flat Foot (mesh)
Necklace - Izzie's - Heart Necklace (mesh)
Hair - Truth - Jade - Marmalade w/roots (mesh)
Skin - League - Jen Pale - Natural
Tattoo - Kanvial - Superstar 77.
Hands - SLink - Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)

Monday, 20 May 2013

Hanging Around

I got these super colourful shorts from TokiD at The Dressing Room.

My mood hasn't been the best recently, but they are weirdly cheering me up. I think it's all the colour!

So I spent 30 minutes dancing alone in my garden in them and decided to blog them. I know... there's no logic in it.

Plus I had this awesome pose prop from Flowey that I wanted to use and it felt like a hanging off the washing line being silly kind of moment!

Hanging Around

I don't know about yooouuuu!
But I'm feeling twenty twooooooo!

Yes I was dancing to Taylor Swift... I'm not ashamed! LOL

Shirt - Coco - WhiteTee - Sequin Silver (mesh)
Shorts - TokiD - Cocoro Shorts - Rainbow (mesh - The Dressing Room)
Hair - Exile - Sparkle And Fade - Sunset (mesh)
Skin - League - Jen Pale - Lush
Tattoo - Kanival - Superstar 77.
Hands - SLink - Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)

Pose - Flowey - So Fresh So Clean - Prop @The Liaison Collaborative

Sunday, 19 May 2013

I'm In Exile

There's something nice about waking up on a Saturday morning to find out that Exile has released some new hair. I might have gotten a touch overexcited about.

Out of the three, two of them caught my eye and here I am showing off in my new hair essentially!

I'm In Exile To Sparkle And Fade

Hair - Exile - Sparkle And Fade - Sunset (mesh)
Pose - Glitterati - Lingerie - 2

I'm In Exile All Over You

Hair - Exile - All Over You - Sunset (mesh)
Pose - oOo Studio - Rhonda - Five

The shirt in the picture is from Peqe and is on offer at the Avatars for Animals event that is taking place right now. It's good cause, you get cute stuff and get to help the animals. Helping Animals is always a good thing. I'll include the link just in case you'd like to hop on over there. Hop! lol... see what I did there :P

Here's the rest of the credits!

Shirt - Peqe - Crop Top - Zebra Edition - White (mesh - Avatar's For Animals)
Shorts - Fashionably Dead - High Waist Shorts - Black (mesh)
Necklace - Maxi Gossamer - Silver Love Tags - Short (mesh)
Skin - League - Jen Pale - Glam
Tattoo - Kanival - Superstar 77.
Eyes - IKON - Ardent Eyes - Moor

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Lost In Wonderland

Deco had a lovely dress available today for Fifty Linden Friday. I thought it looked a little bit Alice in Wonderland-ish.

So then I was even more amused when Maxi Gossamer released the Wonderland Elixir necklace for Limited Bazaar.

That screamed to be teamed up together for a blog post.

Lost In Wonderland

So this is my red headed version of Alice. By Alice I mean me in a gorgeous blue dress, but I love it.

Not to miss out on showing the adorable necklace by Maxi Gossamer I did a close up version of this picture to better show it off.

Lost In Wonderland 2

Dress - Deco - Unpopped Dress - Bluejay (mesh)
Shoes - Gos Boutique - Marilyn Sandals - Black Patent (mesh)
Necklace - Maxi Gossamer - Wonderland Elixir - Drink Me Silver (mesh - Limited Bazaar)
Hair - Truth - Gattina - Gingers03 (mesh)
Skin - League - Jen Pale - Feline
Tattoo - Kanival - Superstar 77.
Hands - SLink - Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)
Eyes - IKON - Ardent eyes - Moor

Pose - oOo Studio - Elizabeta - Four

I've posted the link to Limited Bazaar but the necklace is limited to 100 and there were only 33 left when I checked so I cannot guarantee it will still be available.

I hope you like it and have a great weekend! :)

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

It's The Truth

So I think this had been one of the most anticipated releases of the year so fair. I've honestly missed my weekly dose of Truth Hair.

I was practically ecstatic when I saw that he'd released six new ones! My wallet was not so ecstatic but she can shut up and just hand over the cash!

First up we have Denee. I love how fly away this hair is.

It's The Truth Denee

Hair - Truth - Denee - Gingers03 (mesh)
Pose - Glitterati - Closeup - 11

Next up we have Gattina. Honestly I wasn't sure about the bangs when I looked at the vendor picture but as soon as I tried it on, I fell in love with it.

It's The Truth Gattina

Hair - Truth - Gattina - Gingers03 (mesh)
Pose - Glitterati - Closeup - 1

And last, but by no means least, is Selma. A girl can never have enough long hair styles. Something I used to avoid pre-mesh but now can never get enough of!

It's The Truth Selma

Hair - Truth - Selma - Gingers03 (mesh)
Pose - Glitterati - Closeup - 2

For those of you interested here are the other items I wore in these pictures.

Shirt - Tee*fy - Elyse Wrapped Tucked Tank - White (mesh)
Necklace - Maxi Gossamer - Keshi Pearl Heart - Silver Short (mesh)
Skin - League - Jen Pale - Feline
Eyes - IKON - Ardent Eyes - Moor

 I entered the Truth Model Search with these pictures, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

It's also good to note that Truth is currently at a temporary location, but that's subject to change at any time. So HERE is the temporary location SURL, but check Truth Hawks profile for the most up to date location if that doesn't work!

Monday, 13 May 2013


A new round of Perfect Wardrobe started today. The theme for this round was 'Gold'.

I'm not usually a big fan of gold but there were some cute items which I couldn't resist blogging. The necklace from Pepper I fell in love with. I think it's gorgeous and I think I'll have to nip down to the main store and see what else they have to offer.

The dress from SweeTartz has a glittery feel and is somewhat shorter than the usual dresses I swear but I weirdly love how super short it is. Showing off all my goodies! :P


Dress - SweeTartz - My Goldie/Black Dress (mesh - Perfect Wardrobe)
Necklace - Pepper - Egyptian Necklace - Gold (mesh - Perfect Wardrobe)
Bangles - je suis... - Magnifique Bangles - Browns (Perfect Wardrobe)
Hair - Truth - Rory - Marmalade w/roots (mesh)
Skin - League - Jen Pale - Feline
Tattoo - Kanival - Superstar 77
Hands - SLink - Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)

Pose - Magnifique - The Doorway (prop)

Saturday, 11 May 2013


I think this month of Collabor88 was the first time I didn't spend half my life savings. Not that the things on offer weren't spectacular or the best quality. They just weren't for me.

I did however, as usual, snatch up some gorgeous jewellery from Maxi Gossamer and cute shorts from Tee*fy.

I teamed them with a past Collabor88 item from Tee*fy. I think it makes an adorable summer outfit.

Glorious Morning

Shirt - Tee*fy - Elyse Wrapped Tucked Tank - White (mesh)
Shorts - Tee*fy - Aimee Tailored Ribbon Shorts - Teal (mesh - Collabor88)
Shoes - Gos Boutique - Ursula Wedge - Ivory (mesh)
Jewellery - Maxi Gossamer - Summertime Easy Living (mesh - Collabor88)
Hair - Exile - You've Got The Love - Sunset (mesh)
Skin - League - Jen Pale - Feline
Tattoo - Kanival - Superstar 77.
Hands - SLink - Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)

Pose - Hopscotch - Envy Me - 6

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

For The Journey

I think we were definitely spoilt for choice at FaMESHed this month. There are so many amazing creations and I found it hard to choose my favourites.

However this dress from Tee*fy stood out to me. First the colour. It just pops! Green usually comes in emerald type greens but this is fresh and zingy. I also love how you don't just get the dress, but a separate skirt. Bonus!

For The Journey

Dress - Tee*fy - Odette Dress - Moss (mesh - FaMESHed)
Shoes - ISON - Miraya Open Toe Bootie - Black (mesh)
Jewellery - Maxi Gossamer - Sybil's LadyBug - Silver (mesh)
Hair - Truth - Rory - Marmalade w/roots (mesh)
Skin - League - Jen Pale - Feline
Tattoo - Kanival - Superstar 77.
Hands - SLink - Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)

Pose - Exposeur - Call The Shots - 2

Monday, 6 May 2013

Behind The Blinds

Today was a long day. I had to go do that some people call 'real life'.

But it was fun. Nice and sunny and I've got a new shiny tablet to play with! WOOOOO!

But blogging seems to have turned into a slight obsession for me, so I couldn't seem to find a reason not to blog today, despite being tired. I guess this is how other people get started too. I like looking for things to wear, even if they aren't new.

So, in a mixture of old and new...

Behind The Blinds

Shirt - Tulip - Tucked Tank - Mustard (mesh)
Pants - Maitreya - Flare Jeans - 8 (mesh)
Shoes - Maitreya - Liaison - Raven (mesh)
Necklace - Maxi Gossamer - Raisa - Gold All (mesh)
Hair - Exile - You've Got The Love - Sunset (mesh)
Skin - League - Jen Pale - Feline
Tattoo - Kanival - Superstar 77
Hands - SLink - Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)

Pose - Glitterati - Blind

I hope you all had a good day too, whether it was of the real or second variety!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

It's No Secret

It's definitely no secret how much I love to shop. This month's FaMESHed has only helped further my addiction to shopping!

The Secret Store always produces some top quality mesh products and the Structured Blazer is no different.

Jackets were always something I avoided when we had system and prim clothing. They never fit really well and as soon as you moved it was terrible. Good for pictures, terrible for wearing. Mesh however has changed that and we get to wear amazing jackets and they stay looking amazing as we strut around the grid.

This one is a definite must have for your jacket collection.

It's No Secret

Jacket - The Secret Store - Structured Blazer - Crow w/cuffs (mesh - FaMESHed)
Vest - Erratic - Basics Racerback - Beige
Pants - Erratic - Zoey Leather pants - Black (mesh)
Shoes - Maitreya - Suave - Raven (mesh)
Hair - Truth - Hollana - Marmalade w/roots (mesh)
Skin - League - Jen Pale - CandyRed
Tattoo - Kanival - Superstar 77
Hands - SLink - Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)

Pose - Bang - Stand 330

Somewhat Erratic

Erratic is one of my favourite mesh stores. Unfortunately I didn't actually discover Erratic until they'd started making mesh, and I missed out on what appears to be some amazing system clothing.

The textures are always just delicious. I really can't think of a more suitable word than delicious! LOL

It's always really well made and fits wonderfully. I have at least one colour of most of the releases. Although I do often wish I was rich enough to afford fat packs as picking colours is PAINFUL sometimes.

The dress at FaMESHed caught my eye as soon as I'd seen it. Yes, picking a colour for this was painful too but I figured you can never go wrong with a little black dress.

Somewhat Erratic

Classy, but a little different. I love it.

Dress - Erratic - Stacey Panel Dress - Black (mesh - FaMESHed)
Necklace - ISON - Stark Dagger Necklace - Mid Gold (mesh)
Skin - League - Jen Pale - Feline
Hair - Truth - Tymber - Marmalade w/roots (mesh)
Tattoo - Kanival - Superstar 77
Hands - SLink - Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)

Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Grass Is Greener

It's the beginning of May and I don't know if you've noticed by the start of the month means one thing in my shopping obsessed SL world... FAMESHED!

I love FaMESHed. It's definitely one of my favourites. There's always some seriously beautiful things there from many of my favourite designers.

So the one thing I fell in love with most this time around was a new dress from Auxiliary. It's like an extended version of the top I blogged from Collabor 88 a while back. Again it's perfection with the folds. So touchable!!

Teamed with the new hair from Exile, which is gorgeous, I think I'm all ready for summer.

The Grass Is Greener

Dress - Auxiliary - Tunic Dress - Grass (mesh - FaMESHed)
Boots - Gos - Triumph Boots - Massai (mesh)
Necklace - Maxi Gossamer - Magdalena Cross - Long Silver (Mesh - FaMESHed)
Hair - Exile - Desperately Wanting - Sunset (mesh)
Skin - League - Jen Pale - Feline
Hands - SLink - Mesh Hands - Casual (mesh)
Tattoo - Kanival - Superstar 77

Pose - Label Motion - Berry Pose - 2

I hope you like it as much as I do. I'll be posting some more stuff from FaMESHed in coming posts if this isn't quite your thing. There was lots on offer!