Tuesday 15 September 2015

Fairy Picnic

So the Arcade has been open for 2 weeks now which means the crowds have died down a little, although you still might have trouble popping in there during busy SL hours, but hopefully it should be easy enough. You've got another 2 weeks before it closes.

There's two sets that I wanted to share with you and together made for an adorable picture.

The first is the Little Woodland Party set from Imeka. The table is the rare piece and the rest are commons. It makes an adorable little party set for an outdoor celebration or picnic.

The second is the Los Pepitos Life set from Baiastice. The fairy avatar is one of several rare avatars in this set and then all the pieces that are worn and attached to avatar are the commons. There are also a few avatars that are commons too so you'll have something to wear your attachments with even if you aren't lucky enough to get your hands on a rare.

Happy Shopping!

Pic 1:
*Fairy Avatar - Baiastice - Los Pepitos Life - Avatar Fairy RARE @The Arcade
*Dress - Baiastice - Los Pepitos Life - Fairy Set Dress @The Arcade
*Flip Flops - Baiastice - Los Pepitos Life - Flip Flop Pink @The Arcade
*Hair - Baiastice - Los Pepitos Life - Long Hair Set 1 - Sunset @The Arcade
*Pose - An Lar Poses - Heave Ho

H&G Items:
*Table - Imeka - Little Woodland Party - Vintage Table RARE @The Arcade
*Bottles - Imeka - Little Woodland Party - Orange Juice @The Arcade
*Cupcakes - Imeka - Little Woodland Party - Cupcakes @The Arcade
*Mallows - Imeka - Little Woodland Party - Marshmallows @The Arcade
*Candy Apple - Imeka - Little Woodland Party - Candy Apple @The Arcade
*Fruit Cups - Imeka - Little Woodland Party - Fruits @The Arcade
*Macarons - Imeka - Little Woodland Party - Apple Macarons @The Arcade
*Cake Pops - Imeka - Little Woodland Party - Cake Pops @The Arcade
Ivy - Dysfunctionality - Draping Ivy
*Sunflowers - Little Branch - Sunflowers Field
Lighted Trees - Pixel Mode - Lighted Tree A & B

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