Tuesday 3 February 2015

The Liaison Collaborative - Jan 2015 - Part 2

Even though we've slipped into February the January round of The Liaison Collaborative is open until the 13th of February.

I've already shown you some great fashion and accessories from this round so I also wanted to show you some of the great home and garden items and some adorable poses.

Let's kick start this blog post with the poses!

An Lar Poses have two fantastic couples poses available in this round.

Here And Now

I Remember

Both are cute and very sweet with lots of emotion behind them. I particularly like Here And Now and of course I had to grab Amadeo and make him pose with me. They work best with avatars with height difference so probably best suited for m/f couples but could work for m/m and f/f if there is some size between you.

Exposeur also released two couples poses.

No Loss For Words

Taking Over Me

If you get No Loss For Words it includes the cute little chalkboard that comes with several different affectionate quotes on it. You can use the pose like I have and just snap the lower half or it works just as well as a full body pose.

If props aren't your thing then Taking Over Me has a similar feel but is prop free. It's another pose that works best with avatars with height difference but if you wanted to skip photographing the feet then it would work for similar sized avatars too.

I have a lot of furniture to show you so I've broken it all up into several different pictures.

First up is a cute little table and chairs set from Pixel Mode

The Bisous Set includes several different colour options. The tables come with or without a table cloth and the chairs come in two versions that are with or without arms. Personally I like the version with arms but both have adorable little heart shaped backs.

Apple Fall have released two different stores. A corner store, which I'll show you a little bit later, and a row version. The Carnaby Row Store also has a colour change menu so you can change the wood and the walls on the front. They change together, so you can't change these pieces independently. It not only works as a cute little store but also has space above it for an apartment. You could easily use this space to expand your store too so you aren't limited!

If you'd prefer a cute little corner store then you have the option of the Portobello Corner Store

This version doesn't change colour unfortunately but it also has the apartment space above the store for those who'd like to use it.

Because I don't have a store I decided to fill the shops with bits and pieces that are definitely made for a house or apartment. All the credits for these pieces are included below!

Happy Shopping!

Pic 1 & 2
Pose 1: An Lar Poses - Here & Now @The Liaison Collaborative
Pose 2: An Lar Poses - I Remember @The Liaison Collaborative
Dress - Junbug - Mademoiselle Coco - Mint @The Liaison Collaborative
Hair - Truth - Nathalia - Gingers Pack

Pic 3 & 4
Pose 3: Exposeur - No Loss For Words @The Liaison Collaborative
Pose 4: Exposeur - Taking Over Me @The Liaison Collaborative
Dress - Coquet - Classic Romance - Blush @The Liaison Collaborative
Shoes - Fri.day - Lizzie Slippers - Black (require SLink flat feet)
Hair - Truth - Echo - Gingers Pack

Pic 1, 2, 3 & 4:
Jewellery - Izzie's - Pearl Romance Jewellery - Ivory @The Liaison Collaborative
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Feline
Hands - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)
Feet - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Feet - Flat (with League appliers)
Suit - FATEwear - Willard - Void
Shoes - L.Warwick - Virtuoso Oxford Dress Shoes - Black (require male SLink feet)
Hair - Truth - Tom - Browns Pack
Skin - Pink Fuel - Ash - Peach
Hands - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Male Mesh Hands - Relaxed (with Pink Fuel appliers)
Feet - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Male Mesh Feet

Pic 5 & 6:
Row Shop - Apple Fall - Carnaby Row Store @The Liaison Collaborative
Corner Shop - Apple Fall - Portobello Corner Store @The Liaison Collaborative
Table - Pixel Mode - Bisous Table w/Cloth - Blue @The Liaison Collaborative
Chair - Pixel Mode - Bisous Chair & Bisous Arm Chair - Blue @The Liaison Collaborative
Tea Cup - Pixel Mode - Writers Room - My Cup Of Tea
Treats - Apple Fall - Cherry Voulevants
Sign - What Next - Large A-Board Sign
Blue Bicycle - What Next - Chelsea Bicycle - Blue
Pink Bicycle - What Next - Plain Bicycle - Pink
Lamp Posts - LISP - Victorian Streetlamp (snow removed)

Pic 7 & 8:
Desk - Kalopsia - Arabella's Corner - Desk @The Liaison Collaborative
Chair - Kalopsia - Arabella's Corner - Chair @The Liaison Collaborative
Drapes - Kalopsia - Arabella's Corner - Drapes @The Liaison Collaborative
Clock - What Next - Isabelle Clock - White @The Liaison Collaborative
Wardrobe - Brixley - Heart Wardrobe @The Liaison Collaborative
Mirror - Alouette - Antionette Floor Length Mirror @The Liaison Collaborative
Lamp - Junk. - Barbed Wire Chandelier - Silver @The Liaison Collaborative
Bed - Junk. - Old Metal Bed - Silver @The Liaison Collaborative
Daybed - DIGS - Easton Daybed @The Liaison Collaborative
Vanity Table - Fetch - Arora Vanity Set - Vanity @The Liaison Collaborative
Chair - Fetch - Arora Vanity Set - Chair @The Liaison Collaborative
Make Up - Fetch - Arora Vanity Set - Make Up @The Liaison Collaborative
Phone - Fetch - Arora Vanity Set - Phone Silver @The Liaison Collaborative

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