Tuesday 3 June 2014

FATEeyes V3.0

FATEwear have updated their FATEeyes to the new 3.0 version.

This is great news for everyone with the 2.0 as you get a free update! YAY!

If you didn't nab the 2.0 version while they were out, then I'm about to show you what you're missing out on in the new 3.0 system.

Brand new textures, features and endless ways to customise them. What more could you possibly want. I can only cover a TINY portion of what is available for you so I suggest you grab a demo and have a play around with it to see what you can come up with.

You can get your basic eye colours

You can even mess around with effects like cracks, sparkles and even make your avatar cry. The tears are actually animated and ripple along the lower lid. (the tears on cheeks are a tattoo layer from Izzie's)

Maybe you play a non human character for RP or just love some weird eyes. You can make all sorts of different crazy eyes with this hud.

Or if you want to freak people out with zombie eyes...

I think I actually freaked myself out during this. Rage zombies are scary.

Play with the hud, see what you can come up with and have some fun!

Happy Shopping!

Eyes - FATEeyes - Version 3.0
Eyelashes - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelashes
Hair - Truth - Jenna - Gingers Pack
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Bronze
Pic 2: Tears - Izzie's - I'm Not Feeling Very Well - Tears Tattoo
Pic 4: Zombie Layer - Redgrave - Zombie Bride Tattoo Layer
Pic 4: Blood - Ama - All Over Blood Splatter - Lighter Version

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