Thursday 12 June 2014

Fashion For Life 2014 - Wanderlust - Part 2

Fashion For Life is in full swing and by now all the late-comers should be set up too. (RL happens! What can you do eh?)

If you've already been then it might be time to do a second sweep, see what you missed the first time around. If you haven't been yet... why not? Go!

Go because it's a great event that supports a great charity. American Cancer Society benefits from everything you buy. Every vendor donates something towards them so even something you consider a 'small purchase' is helping!

You've got until the 20th to shop so get moving! In the meantime, since you're here you might as well keep reading!

Somnia has released some great music themed pieces for Fashion For Life

I couldn't resist throwing some epic shapes in this outfit. I even finished it off with the 'Ponty Point' (it's a local thing). The Melody Shirt, Skirt and Shoes all come with a colour change hud so you can mix and match your pieces. I went for a classic black and white.

If you're more the type of lady who likes to get dressed up and hit a club to show off your impressive dance moves then Girl Thursday has a Fashion For Life Exclusive that will float your boat

The Giftwrapped Dress is a sequined delight for those who love to show off. The Lilac colour is the exclusive colour but there are several others available. It also comes with optional bows for the back and front.

The hair is a Fashion For Life release from Mina. I've grown into a big Mina Hair fan recently and this is another great one. The Femke hair is so gorgeous of course I had to take a selfie!

For something a bit more casual and perfect for summer the Adrift Dress from Even.Flow pushes all the buttons.

I fell in love with this the second I put it on. It's a gorgeous dress and I'm a sucker for a good maxi dress. Just what you need for long, lazy summer days.

The hair I grabbed from Clawtooth at The Arcade. It's still running so if you've love to get this Boardwalk Breeze style for a bargain price then run over to The Arcade once you've explored the Fashion For Life sims!

Redux has released something a bit different and very much in tune with the theme Wanderlust.

This vibrant Journey To The East Dress is so pretty. I love the little flowers down the front and intense purple colour. The Plum Blossom is the Fashion For Life exclusive. Of course I had to grab the World Traveller Passport Bag, which is also from Redux, to go with it. I love the pairing of green and purple.

I was wondering for ages about hair to wear with this dress. I wanted something cute, but that would compliment the dress. Then I remembered the Sakura hair that Truth released at The Arcade. I remembered the pretty flowers that came as an attachment for it and how they beautifully mirrored the flowers on the front of the dress. It was perfect. I couldn't have planned it better!

Of course I couldn't get through any event without showing you some shoes. Essenz have delivered us some great ones!

Whether you have high, medium or flat SLink feet (or all three) then there is something for you at Fashion For Life from these great shoe designers. They also have a really good gatcha with the Laguna shoes (middle) for only 70L. An absolute bargain for shoes.

I hope you enjoy exploring the Fashion For Life sims as much as I did. Go and help the American Cancer Society buy purchasing what you can. Every linden helps!

Happy Shopping!

Pic 1:
Shirt - Somnia - Melody Top @FFL: Wanderlust WANDER
Skirt - Somnia - Melody Skirt @FFL: Wanderlust WANDER
Socks - Miss Canning - Garter Socks - Black Solid
Shoes - Somnia - Melody Shoes (require SLink medium feet) @FFL: Wanderlust WANDER
Necklace - Maxi Gossamer - Ankh - Short
Bracelets - LVLE - Eun Bracelet - Black and White
Hair - Truth - Maiko - Ginger 2 (includes headphones)
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Feline (with Erin lipstick 02)
Hands - SLink - Mesh Hands - Pointed (with League appliers)
Feet - SLink - Mesh Feet - Medium (with Miss Canning Garter Socks appliers)
Pose - Glamour Animations - 27.612 Pose

Pic 2:
Dress - Girl Thursday - Giftwrapped Dress - Lilac @FFL: Wanderlust EXURSION
Hair - Mina - Femke - Reds Pack @FFL: Wanderlust PROMENADE
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Feline (with Erin lipstick 02)
Hands - SLink - Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)
Pose - Something New - Selfie - 1 (includes phone)

Pic 3:
Dress - Even.Flow - Adrift Dress @FFL: Wanderlust WANDER
Jewellery - Maxi Gossamer - Summertime Easy Living
Hair - Clawtooth - Boardwalk Breeze - Red Eye Flight @The Arcade
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Feline (with Erin lipstick 02)
Hands - SLink - Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)
Pose - Elephante Poses - Goddess Of Love - #6 RARE @Tales Of Fantasy

Pic 4:
Dress - Redux - Journey To The East - Plum Blossom @FFL: Wanderlust PERAMBULATE
Bag - Redux - World Traveller Passport Bag - Ireland @FFL: Wanderlust PERAMBULATE
Hair - Truth - Sakura - Gingers Pack - 1 Side @The Arcade
Flowers - Truth - Hair Flowers - 1 Side @The Arcade
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Feline (with Erin lipstick 02)
Hands - SLink - Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)
Pose - Elephante Poses - The Temptress - #1 @Tales Of Fantasy

Pic 5:
Shoes - Essenz - Detroit Limited - Pink (require SLink high feet) @FFL: Wanderlust TREK
Shoes - Essenz - Laguna - White (require SLink medium feet) @FFL: Wanderlust TREK
Shoes - Essenz - Tampa - Red (require SLink flat feet) @FFL: Wanderlust TREK
Pose - Label Motion - Ari - Pose 5
Feet - SLink - Mesh Feet - High (with League appliers)
Feet - SLink - Mesh Feet - Medium (with League appliers)
Feet - SLink - Mesh Feet - Flat (with League appliers)
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Feline

Hutch - Second Spaces - Lillian Hutch - White
Screen - What Next - Vintage Screen - Group Gift
Mudroom - Second Spaces - Max Mudroom - White
Rug - MudHoney - Ryan Rug

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