Friday 19 September 2014

The Liaison Collaborative - September 2014 - Part 1

The Liaison Collaborative is open and the theme is Technologic. This round is probably one of the biggest I've seen from them and with good reason. It's a great theme and the creators really have made some amazing themed items.

I wanted to use this post by showing you some of the great home items available. I'll show you some of the great fashion and poses soon!

I'm a HUGE Second Spaces fan and she amazes with me how she manages to make such lovely items with such a low land impact. I truly am in awe of the talent that must take. The Future Past pieces at The Liaison Collaborative are just as amazing.

The Future Past counter, shelves and appliances are all available. The shelves come with the option of being loaded with goodies or empty so you can throw your own bits on there. It's always nice to have that option as it lets you have shelves in your house that all look the same, but allows you to decorate to you hearts desire.

Alouette, another creator who makes amazingly low land impact items, have released this adorable little Dewey The Robot bookshelf. How cute is that? Who wouldn't want one of these in their houses. Now if someone could make one of these in RL who brings me my favourite books and makes me cups of tea I'd be the happiest Cryssie in all the land!

Not content with robots just taking care of your books? Plethora has come to the rescue with robots that take care of your plants.

Planterbots! I like to imagine that these jump down and go to the tap to water themselves because I'm forever killing my RL plants by forgetting to water them. This is why I like SL plants so much because they can't die on me! You'll need to play the Plethora Planterbot gatcha to win one of these. They all have a different plant and a differently themed robot pot too. Some of them admittedly made me giggle a lot. Good luck on getting what you want!

If you want to go modern and sleek without having a robot around then Pixel Mode have released the Manchester bedroom set that should suit your needs.

I really like this bed. It looks like something I'd love to have in my RL home. I'm strangely a big fan of all white linen. People think it looks clinical and like a hotel room but I think that's part of it's appeal. There's matching décor, a side table for this set and a light fitting (not shown).

Half Deer released a The Mad Scientist's Bird Cage and three cute, and still somewhat creepy, Mad Scientist's Birds. Three different colours and three different metals. You can use them with or without the cage too. Different and eyecatching.

I have to admit that this is the first time I've noticed Fetch. It's not a store I really knew existed and now I wish I'd paid more attention because the Vega Set at The Liaison Collaborative is definitely worth a second look.

I really like the strange looking frame of the chair. It's unique and makes you want to look at it. You can use the desk and chair alone or you can use it with the computer and snacks that fit perfectly on top. What more could you need then computers and snacks? There is also a light fitting that you might have noticed in the back there. I'm loving this set and Fetch definitely have my attention now.

I'll have more goodies from The Liaison Collaborative really soon!

Happy Shopping!

Pic 1:
*Counter - Second Spaces - Future Past Counter @The Liaison Collaborative
*Shelves - Second Spaces - Future Past Shelves - Full @The Liaison Collaborative
*Food Dispenser - Second Spaces - Future Past Refreshment Station @The Liaison Collaborative
*Pill Dispenser - Second Spaces - Future Past Food Capsule Dispenser @The Liaison Collaborative
*Robot Bookcase - Alouette - Dewey The Robot - Rusted @The Liaison Collaborative

Pic 2:
*Plants - Plethora - Planterbots @The Liaison Collaborative
Pic 3:
*Bed - Pixel Mode - Manchester Set - Manchester Bed @The Liaison Collaborative
*Table - Pixel Mode - Manchester Set - End Table @The Liaison Collaborative
*Pipe - Pixel Mode - Manchester Set - Wall Pipe @The Liaison Collaborative
*Cage - Half Deer - The Mad Scientist's Birdcage @The Liaison Collaborative
*Birds - Half Deer - The Mad Scientist's Bird - Gunmetal Blue, Iron Yellow & Steel Red @The Liaison Collaborative

Pic 4:
*Desk - Fetch - Vega Set - Desk @The Liaison Collaborative
*Chair - Fetch - Vega Set - Chair @The Liaison Collaborative
*Computer & Snacks - Fetch - Vega Set - Computer & Snacks @The Liaison Collaborative
*Light - Fetch - Vega Set - Hanging Light @The Liaison Collaborative

Skybox - Trompe Loeil - The Chatham Loft Skybox - Dark

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