Wednesday 24 September 2014

Cryssie And Cat's Excellent Adventure

When Alouette released the Castle Dollhouse for The Arcade the first thing I wanted to do was make it huge so I could run around in it. I wasn't the only one apparently. Cat was also way too eager to be full sized dolls.

We decided to be a little silly and take some pics... so here is Cryssie & Cat's Excellent Adventure!

What do you do when you arrive at a fairytale castle? Knock the door of course!

We hung around for a while but nobody answered. We think it might have something to do with the people inside being a bit wooden so we just snuck on in anyway.

We stumbled across a guard and thought we'd end up in the dungeon but he seemed very pleased to see us. Selfie time!

We crept on upstairs and found the King and Queen. They were also very smiley and didn't seem too bothered about us hijacking their thrones.

Okay so none that actually happened but it's fun to get dressed up as princesses and take silly pictures!

In all seriousness though the Castle Dollhouse is just awesome. You'll need to try your luck at the gatcha and you get all room pieces separately from the castle itself which means you can put whatever you want wherever you want.

It would be super cute for a little girls room or for any of your mega collectors out there. Even if you just manage to win a few of the little bits then scale them up and take some silly pictures like we did!

You have just under a week left of The Arcade so if you haven't been already then run fast and grab all the bits you want.

Good Luck!

Happy Shopping!

Dress - Junbug - Ophelia - Floral
Hair - Truth - Tulip - Gingers Pack
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Aurora
Hands - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)
Eyes - IKON - Spectral Eyes - Moor
Eyelashes - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelashes
Teeth - Whatever - Teeth 2.0 - Gem Piercing
Ears - CheerNo - Human Ears - Tragus

Dress - Junbug - Ophelia - Polka
Tiara - Elephante Poses - If I Can Dream Tiara - Apple Princess
Hair - Exile - Locomotion -  Wild Fusion
Skin - Pink Fuel - Harley - Crystal
Hands - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands - Casual (with Pink Fuel appliers)
Eyes - IKON - Immortal Eyes - Daemon
Teeth - Whatever - Teeth 2.0 - Gem Piercing
Ears - AITUI - Acryl*imals - Grey Rat

*Pic 1: Pose - An Lar Poses - Here
Pic 2: Pose - Exposeur - Pin Up Besties (includes phone)
Pic 3: Pose - Double Take - Hello Gorgeous
Pic 3: Pose - Double Take - Living Perfection

*Castle Dollhouse is the following pieces which are all from Alouette @The Arcade
Alouette - Castle Dollhouse - Castle RARE
Alouette - Castle Dollhouse - Dolls RARE
Alouette - Castle Dollhouse - Library
Alouette - Castle Dollhouse - Small Bed
Alouette - Castle Dollhouse - Kitchen
Alouette - Castle Dollhouse - Thone Room
Alouette - Castle Dollhouse - Storage
Alouette - Castle Dollhouse - Entrance
Alouette - Castle Dollhouse - Curtains
Alouette - Castle Dollhouse - Topiary
Alouette - Castle Dollhouse - Master Bedroom

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