Thursday 18 September 2014

Jewelry Fair 2014

The Jewelry Fair opened on the 13th and the sim is jam packed with awesome releases from some of your favourite jewellery and accessory makers.

I've got a few different pieces to show you but even if these aren't your thing then I'm sure you'll find something there to suit your taste.

I think my personal favourite from this years Jewelry Fair is the SunMoonStars set from EarthStones.

This is a super pretty set and is their exclusive for this fair. The colours of the jewels in the sun and moon really stand out and then it's littered with gorgeous little stars. This set grabbed my attention immediately and I see my wearing this often. The set has earrings, necklace and bracelets all of which you can buy as one whole set or separately.

Another set from EarthStones that caught my eye is the Isabella Set.

The Arezzo colour really stood out because I'm a bit of a sucker for teals and greens (as we all know!). I love the shape on these pieces. It reminds me of flower petals and the gems are swirled with stunning colours. The set has necklace and earrings which can be purchased separately. I'd definitely recommend this set.

I'm a big fan of Glow Studio and when I saw the Vega Set at the Jewelry Fair I snapped it up right away. It's one of their exclusive releases and is the Ongicom/Gold colour.

You get both the earrings and the necklace in this set and it's super bright gems are really eye catching. It's a nice chunky set so even if you're wearing something quite bold it's going to stand up to it and not get lost.

If you love BIG jewellery then SYS has got you covered.

The Idiome Necklace in Cool Silver is bold and in your face. Nobody will miss this piece and I really love the big links of the chair around the neck with the smaller linked chain that hangs down. It comes with the 'cool' tag underneath the larger link chain and is definitely for those of you who love statement jewellery.

If the cool silver Idiome Necklace isn't for you then maybe Axiom Necklace will find it's way into your inventory.

I love this piece. I love it's huge size and it has an industrial sort of feel to it. It has patches of different coloured golds and studs of silver. Gorgeous piece that deserves to be shown off. It looks truly stunning with a sexy black dress.

There will be some more Jewelry Fair pieces coming soon so stay tuned. Don't forget to go and have a good look around and find that piece that makes you go WOW!

Happy Shopping!

Pic 1:
*Jewellery - EarthStones - SunMoonStars Set @Jewelry Fair 2014
Pose - Label Motion - Jewelry - Pose 1
Pic 2:
*Jewellery - EarthStones - Isabella Set - Arezzo @Jewelry Fair 2014
Pose - Label Motion - Blair - Pose 2
Pic 3:
Jewellery - Glow Studio - Vega Set - Ogicom/Gold @Jewelry Fair 2014
Pose - Marukin - Morning - Class Frass
Pic 4:
*Necklace - SYS - Idiome Necklace - Cool Silver @Jewelry Fair 2014
Pose - Marukin - Morning - Lorelei
Pic 5:
*Necklace - SYS - Axiom Necklace - Gold @Jewelry Fair 2014
Pose - Kirin - Ivy - Pose 4

In all pictures:
Hair - Truth - Rogue (Messy) - Gingers Pack
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Aurora
Ears - CheerNo - Human Ears - Tragus
Eyes - IKON - Spectral Eyes - Moor
Teeth - Whatever - Teeth 2.0 - Gem Piercing
Hands - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands - Flat (with League appliers)
*Nail Polish - Ama. - SLink Polish - Halloween Chipped Stripes

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