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Oneword - Dream

Have you missed me?

I've been moving in RL and things have been beyond hectic but I wanted to make sure you didn't miss out on the brand new round of Oneword. The theme this round is Dream and it runs until the 15th of January.

If you wanted something floaty and ethereal then Peqe has released a full length dress with open sides.

Oneword - Dream - Peqe MeinPoses

The Areth Gown is really pretty and I love the open sides on this dress. It's fairly exposing so you might want to wear something underneath if you wanted to swish around in public with this. Unless you wanted to expose your lady bits then go for it!

The room with the clouds is from Mien Poses. It's a cute little box with handing clouds that you can edit, tint or remove. It also includes lots of poses that are in, on and around the hanging clouds.

Cae will keep the nightmares away with their Dream Catcher jewellery set. You can purchase the earrings and necklace separately or together as a set.

Oneword - Dream - TWP Cae BellaElephante

The adorable cloud nails you can grab from Bella Elephante. The set come with several dream inspired styles but these clouds were the cutest to me.

If you want some seriously stunning make up then The Wicked Peach has released the Dreams set. The colours and the style on these is so pretty that you won't want to take them off.

Moon Amore has a very pretty little Dreams Dress at Oneword.

Oneword - Dream - MoonAmore Altair

You have a choice of two different colour packs or a fatpack that includes all the colours. The top and skirt part of the dress changes separately so you can max and match the colours to your hearts content. I did have a little bit of trouble with the sizing on this dress. I'm usually a standard size medium but I had to wear the Extra Large to get it to go anywhere near me. So while the dress the gorgeous I recommend that you definitely try a demo to make sure it will fit you.

The necklace you nab from Altair. This is the Daydream Necklace in blue but there are other colours available. I've not heard of the brand Altair before but this necklace is definitely worth a trip to their main store to see what else they have on offer.

Get yourself an adorable little Hero Mouse from Geek. It's too cute not to have one to carry around!

Not only have they released the Hero Mouse for your to have a pocket sized friend but if you ever wanted to be part cloud then you can.

Oneword - Dream - ElephantePoses CubicCherry

The Cloud Hug and the Dream Maker Scepter can turn you into the cloud based fairy you've always wanted to be.

The pose you can get from Elephante Poses and is part of the tree sketch in the background. The Dream About Flying pose prop has lots of other great poses in too but I really like that it's a sketch. It's something a bit different from your usual pose prop.

Oneword - Dream - LostJunction 22769

Pretty much all the furniture available at Oneword Dream is different from usual. You can get yourself some pretty out there handsy decor from Lost Junction. You can resize these to any size that takes your fancy. The bigger the creepier to be honest!

The cloud shelf is the I Wish Shelf from Attic. You have a choice of blue or pink in a plugged or unplugged version. It's an adorable little shelf that would work wonderfully in a bedroom or great for a kids room too.

I'm a big fan of Agathes Dreamy Armchair and it's from 22769. I like that it works for this round because it definitely has a dreamy feel, especially with the poses in it, but it will also work great as furniture for your everyday life too.

I'll have some more bits soon! Don't forget that Oneword doesn't run for a month anymore but only for two weeks so on the 15th it closes!

Happy Shopping!

Pic 1 & 2:
*Dress - Peqe - Areth Gown - Blue @Oneword
*Jewellery - Cae - Dream Catcher - Necklace & Earrings @Oneword
*Nail Colour - Bella Elephante - Fever Dream (for SLink, Belleza & TD) @Oneword
*Make Up - The Wicked Peach - I Dream in Color - 2 @Oneword
*Hair - Truth - Mira - Gingers Pack
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Natural
Eyelash - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelash
Eyes - Ikon - Deadshine Eyes - Quicksilver (Dec VIP group gift)
Hands - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands - Flat (with League appliers)
*Pose Prop - Mien - Dreamer @Oneword
Pose - oOo Studio - Iced - Four

Pic 3:
*Dress - Moon Amore - Dreams Dress - Pastels Pack @Oneword
*Necklace - Altair - Daydream Necklace - Blue @Oneword
*Ring - Moon Amore - Unicorn Ring - Silver/Blue (gift at Oneword) @Oneword
*Mouse - Geek - Hero Mouse - Cream @Oneword
*Nail Colour - Bella Elephante - Fever Dream (for SLink, Belleza & TD) @Oneword
*Make Up - The Wicked Peach - I Dream in Color - 2 @Oneword
*Hair - Truth - Mira - Gingers Pack
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Natural
Eyelash - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelash
Eyes - Ikon - Deadshine Eyes - Quicksilver (Dec VIP group gift)
Hands - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands - Flat (with League appliers)
*Pose Prop - Mien - Dreamer @Oneword

Pic 4:
*Outfit - Cubic Cherry Kreations - Cloud Hug @Oneword
*Scepter - Cubic Cherry Kreations - Dream Maker - Sky @Oneword
*Horns - The Horror - Horror's Dream @Oneword
*Make Up - The Wicked Peach - I Dream in Color - 2 @Oneword
*Hair - Truth - Mira - Gingers Pack
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Natural
Eyelash - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelash
Eyes - Ikon - Deadshine Eyes - Quicksilver (Dec VIP group gift)
Hands - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)
*Pose Prop - Elephante Poses - Dream About Flying @Oneword

*Tree Drawing - Elephante Poses - Dream About Flying Pose Prop @Oneword
*Chair - 22769 - Agathes Dreamy Armchair @Oneword
*Cloud Shelf - Attic - I Wish Shelf - Blue Plugged @Oneword
*Hands Artwork - Lost Junction - A Hands In Dreaming - Building Blocks, Planted & Dangled @Oneword

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