Tuesday 10 October 2017

I Guess I Took A Good Selfie

I Guess I Took A Good Selfie

So Strawberry Singh has decided to restart Meme Mondays but instead of calling it Meme Mondays it's now become #SecondLifeChallenge. Everyone is welcome to participate whether you are a blogger or just a casual SL user. The instructions for this one is: Share seven facts about your Second Life avatar or your SLife that may or may not be obvious to your readers/everyone.

If you want to join in and do your seven facts then please do so! Make sure you go to Strawberry's page and link your seven facts so everyone can check them out.

Here are mine...

My Second Life Fact #1: I started out my Second Life as a stripper. I think most people start out this way and I was on the pole within the first week of my SL life. I ended up working there so long that I became the club manager.

My Second Life Fact #2: I'm obsessed with SL makeup objects. I rez them all on my vanity and occasionally sit there to look at them all. Basically the only reason I have a house. That and my bed.

My Second Life Fact #3: I will second Strawberry and say I hate notecards but only when they are dropped on me for customer service because if they send an IM I can reply offline. I can't do that with a notecard. For everything else I'm a little notecard pack-rat and LOVE getting them with things like blogger requirements and event timelines so I can refer back to them later.

My Second Life Fact #4: I never intended to be a blogger. It sort of happened accidentally. I loved taking pictures of my friends and loved ones and would post them on my blog but then people would start asking me where I got things from so I would add credits to the pictures. I ended up falling in love with it and decided to dedicate my spare time to it. I still love it almost 5 years later.

My Second Life Fact #5: I rarely change my eyes/head/skin/shape because I feel like they identify me. I will update as new products come along so I ended up with a Maitreya body and then eventually a Catwa head. I'm waiting for the perfect bento head to come along so I can still look a little like 'myself'.

My Second Life Fact #6: I love to dance in SL because I can't in RL anymore. You'll often find me alone on my platform dancing away. Occasionally my friends / loved ones join me. It's contagious. On even rarer occasions I'll go find some club to dance in.

My Second Life Fact #7: I'm really shy around people I don't know well so I don't tend to say hello to people I see in world. I'm sorry! 

Happy Shopping!

Shirt - Tres Blah - Passport Sweater - Grey
*Necklace - Ama. - Visions Necklace - Fatpack
Lipstick - AlaskaMetro - Crimson Lipstick Palette @ForMax
Hair - Truth - Athena - Redheads Pack (VIP Group Gift)
*Skin - League - Ella - Pale
Eyes - Suicidal Unborn - Hadria Eyes - Forest
Head - Catwa - Alice Head
Body - Maitreya - Lara Mesh Body

*Pose - An Lar Poses - The Emily Series - Five

Background - Deviant Art - SkittleRocket

All items marked with an asterisk (*) are review copies provided by designers or blogger groups.

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