Saturday 9 April 2016

The Fantasy Collective - March/April 2016 - Part 2

We're back for Part 2 of this month's The Fantasy Collective. You have until April 15th to visit and to get your hands on all the goodies. Let's jump right in!

I'm Sleeping All These Demons Away3

The Tangled Top you can find at the Aisha booth. This piece comes in Standard Sizes (XXS - L) only but I found that they fitted over my Maitreya Lara with no problems. Please try a demo. Always try a demo. The 3 rules of shopping are:
1. Try a demo.
2. Try a demo.
They've yet to steer me wrong!

The lingerie I'm wearing undernearth is the Danny Set from Clockhaus. You can find it four colours and it includes System Layers and appliers for Banned, Sking, Belleza, Maitreya and Omega. You can choose to wear just the bra, just the panties or both together.

Cubic Cherry Kreations released the Ram Horns for this round. You can choose between dark or pastel colours and three different metal colours are included with each. They are super but and unlike some horns I found they were large enough to not end up curling back into my head.

The Hana Forehead & Brows Piercing and matching Hana Septum you can find at the Tabou booth. They are available in 4 colours and the Forehead & Brow Piercing especially look awesome. You can mode these to fit any head, system or mesh.

VileCult have filled a gacha with some melting melts leaking from your face holes! Horrifying to say the least but great for pictures. Also the rare are these truly gorgeous feather lashes. They are fully mod to you can them them to any eye shape. It's only 50L per play too!

A Distant Cry From Spring

You can find the pretty Zenta lingerie by skipping on over to the Chocolate Atelier booth. You will find 5 colours on offer and of course it comes in System Layers and appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, SLink, The Mesh Project, Lola's and Omega.

The harness I've worn over the top is the Domina Harness from Le Fil Casse. I'm wearing the Skye colour but there are 16 available in total. You will definitely find a colour you'll love. This harness only comes in one size for the Maitreya Lara mesh body.

Throw a few lindens at the Astralia Danaus Spring Gacha and you have a chance to win the Danaus Spring Crown or the Spring Flower. Both of these are the blue versions but there are 5 colours in total, all commons. It's just 75L a play.

Happy Shopping!

*Chest Piece - Aisha - Tangled Top - Black @The Fantasy Collective
*Lingerie - Clockhaus - Danny Set - Black @The Fantasy Collective
*Horns - Cubic Cherry Kreations - Ram Horns - Shadow Black @The Fantasy Collective
*Forehead Jewels - Tabou - Hana Forehead & Brows - Black @The Fantasy Collective
*Septum Ring - Tabou - Hana Septum - Black @The Fantasy Collective
*Eyelashes - VileCult - Ethereal Face Decor Gacha - 8. Rare Feathers Gradient @The Fantasy Collective
Lipstick - AlaskaMetro - Matte Dark Lipstick - Gothic
*Hair - Emo-tions - Sandrine - Black/White Pack @The Fantasy Collective
Skin - Mynerva - Kianna - Summer Tone
Eyes - Arise - Moon Eyes - Grey
Head - GA.EG - Kirsten Mesh Head (with Mynerva appliers)
Eyebrows - GA.EG - Myst Brows Add On
Body - Maitreya - Lara Mesh Body (with Mynerva appliers)
*Pose - Winx & Flair - Tailored - 3

H&G items:
*Chair - 22769 - Old Library Chair - Black @The Fantasy Collective
*Bookcase - Alouette - Georgie Bookcase - Black

Pic 2:
*Lingerie - Chocolate Atelier - Zenta - Blue @The Fantasy Collective
*Harness - Le Fil Casse - Domina Harness - Skye @The Fantasy Collective
*Crown - Astralia - Danaus Spring Gacha - Danaus Spring Crown Blue @The Fantasy Collective
*Mouth Flower - Astralia - Danaus Spring Gacha - Danaus Spring Flower Blue @The Fantasy Collective
*Shoes - Garbaggio - Boudoir Pumps - White @The Fantasy Collective
*Tears - Evermore - Dreamy Tears Gacha - Dream Tears 1 @The Fantasy Collective
*Hair - Damselfly - Annalee - Light Reds Pack @The Fantasy Collective
Skin - Mynerva - Kianna - Summer Tone
Eyes - Arise - Moon Eyes - Blue
Head - GA.EG - Kirsten Mesh Head (with Mynerva appliers)
Eyebrows - GA.EG - Myst Brows Add On
Body - Maitreya - Lara Mesh Body (with Mynerva appliers)
*Pose - La Jolie Rose - Solace - Pose 7 @The Fantasy Collective

H&G items:
*Closet - Serenity Style - Kira Travel Closet @The Fantasy Collective
*Bunnies - Cheeky Pea - Poetry Spring Set - Poetry Spring Bunnies @The Fantasy Collective
*Pinwheel - Striped Mocha - Starched Linen Pinwheel - Teal Dots @The Fantasy Collective
*Fruit Bowl - Zerkalo - Fruit Set - Bowl With Fruits @The Fantasy Collective
*Word Blocks - Cheeky Pea - Poetry Spring Set - Poetry Spring Word Art @The Fantasy Collective
Rug - Floorplan - Throw Rug - Stars
*Building - Dutchie - Tea Dome De Vecht

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