Saturday 5 April 2014

The Home Show - Part 3

I've got some more goodies to show you from The Home Show.

It's been open for a few days now but you've got plenty of time left to head on over there.

Organica have a lovely dining set on offer.

It's pretty and rustic. The place settings and vases are also available if you want those. It would work well indoors or outdoors so it's a versatile piece.

Another set that works well indoors or outdoors is the gorgeous set from Meshed Up

This set is bright and colourful and I think the rubix cube side table is absolutely adorable. Plus who can resist a crate of snacks! All the pieces of this set are so well made.

The Garden House is also available if you wanted to place this outside. I really like it outside, it reminds me of hiding in a treehouse to read comics and eat all the junk food.

The last two sets are both from Kalopsia.

What I like about these are the his and hers versions of dressing rooms. Weirdly I prefer the male version, but both are great.



I have a weird obsession with making my house lived in. I like that this has clothes, because it gives it a more realistic touch. They are also unlinked from the main pieces so you can move them around and put them where you want to. Maybe even add them to furniture you already have.

I think this will be my last post for The Home Show. I will probably throw the furniture in other posts and I'll let you know where it's from. I hope you enjoyed my posts, I know I had a lot of fun blogging this event.

Go visit The Home Show and happy shopping!

Pic 1:
Table - Organica - Lethbridge Dining Set - Table
Chair - Organica - Lethbridge Dining Set - Chair
Plates - Organica - Lethbridge Place Settings - Plates And Bowls
Cutlery - Organica - Lethbridge Place Settings - Cutlery
Vase - Organica - Tulip Vase 1
Glasses - Organica - Wine Glass

Pic 2:
Vase - Meshed Up - Pottery
Left Chair - Meshed Up - Garden Chair B
Right Chair - Meshed Up - Garden Chair A
Puzzle Table - Meshed Up - Puzzle Coffee Table
Rug - Meshed Up - Carpet
Footstool - Meshed Up - Jeanie Cushion
Crate - Meshed Up - Munchies Crate
Comic - Meshed Up - Comic Book Guide
Rubix Cube - Meshed Up - Rubix Drawers
Left Artwork - Meshed Up - Original Hero Art A
Middle Artwork - Meshed Up - Original Hero Art D
Right Artwork - Meshed Up - Original Hero Art B
House - Meshed Up - Garden House

Pic 3:
Sideboard - Kalopsia - Sideboard
Books - Kalopsia - Clutter Book Pile
Ashtray - Kalopsia - Ashtray And Money
Keys - Kalopsia - Clutter Keys
Gloves - Kalopsia - Leather Gloves
Tie - Kalopsia - Clutter Tie
Bookshelf - Kalopsia - Book Rack
Statue - Kalopsia - Fancy Statue
Rug - Kalopsia - Rug
Lights - Kalopsia - Hanging Light Blub
Clothes Piles - Kalopsia - Clothes Pile 1, 2, 3 & 4
Shelves - Kalopsia - Wood Shelf
Cap - Kalopsia - Cap
Hat - Kalopsia - Leather Hat
Hanging Shirts - Kalopsia - Hanging Large Shirt 1, 2 & 3
Hanging Pants - Kalopsia - Hanging Pants 1 & 2

Pic 4:
Vanity Desk - Kalopsia - Vanity
Vanity Stool - Kalopsia - Vanity Chair
Nailpolish - Kalopsia - Nailpolish
Brushes - Kalopsia - Makeup Brushes
Makeup - Kalopsia - Makeup Set
Dresser - Kalopsia - Dresser
Clothes - Kalopsia - Clothes Pile 1, 2, 3 & 4
Suitcase - Kalopsia - Suitcase
Gloves - Kalopsia - Leather Gloves
Shoes - Kalopsia - Sandals
Sideboard - Kalopsia - Sideboard
Ottoman - Kalopsia - Ottoman
Bag - Kalopsia - Bag Clutter
Filofax - Kalopsia - Agenda
Drapes - Kalopsia - Hanging Drapes (poles not included)

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