Monday 21 April 2014

Pose Fair 2014 - Part 2

Have you been to the Pose Fair yet?

I hope you have and if you haven't then why not???

There are soooo many amazing pose/prop makers in this years fair that you can't afford to miss it. Plus I saw plenty of freebies and dollarbies dotted around for you bargain hunters!

This post is going to focus on some of the couples poses and poses that come with props.

I roped Cat into posing with me, not that she needed much convincing, and we ended up having a silly afternoon in the garden, playing with poses and arsing about.

Who knew poses could be so much fun?

Elephante Poses have teamed up with Yumyums to make adorable little dandelion poses.

The first one is a couples pose called My Sweet.

It's super cute and comes with the dandelion, which is transferable, and the wispy little seeds blowing off.

The second is a set of solo poses that come with dandelions.

The set is called Sweet Nothing and I threw two together to make an adorable couples pose. You can team a whole bunch together for as many people as you like blowing fairy clocks or just by yourself.

Just don't do what we used to do when I was a kid... hold someone down, hold their noise until they open their mouth and shove a dandelion inside! We were mean kids.

When we were done with the dandelions we found the bubbles.

Infiniti have released a friend/couples pose with bubbles. It's called Spring and I really love poses that work for both couples and friends.

It comes with the bubble wand and of course the bubbles.

They have also released a set of solo poses called Catching Bubbles.

You wear the bubbles and the poses are inside. They also have a set of poses included that you can use for other people in pose balls or just for other things in general.

I'm wearing the bubbles and Cat is using the separate pose and I rezzed some bubbles for her to catch, so you can customise it since a separate bubble is included. Go crazy, have all your friends catching bubbles!

Last up is a pose set from NanTra called Dodge This! You can guess what this is about right?

Let's say it got a little bit competitive... and mean... lol

Not really, but Cat is a good sport and let me pretend to throw balls at her.

It's a great set and comes with the ball. There is also a set of transfer balls included so your friends can have balls too!

Lots more coming from Pose Fair 2014 soon.

Have a good Monday!

Since the clothes are the same in every pic I'll post the credits for the clothes first and then all the poses will be under the pic number headings. I hope this doesn't confuse anyone!

Cryssie: Shirt - Maitreya - Half Tucked Shirt - White
Pants - Maitreya - Boyfriend Jeans - Faded (comes with belt)
Hair - Truth - Fleur - Gingers Pack (comes with flower) @The Seasons Story
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Opal (with Erin lipstick 03)
Hands - SLink - Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)
Feet - SLink - Mesh Feet - Flat (with League appliers)
Shirt - The Secret Store - Betsy Halter tank - Tiny Boats
Jeans - Maitreya - Zipper Skinny Jeans - #4
Shoes - Ingenue - Aren Flats - Holly (require SLink flat feet)
Hair - Magika - Shine - HUD01
Skin - Pink Fuel - Harley - Ivory
Freckles 1 - Glamorize - Freckle Face - Cheek to Cheek
Freckles 2 - Just Magnetized - Visage Beauty Marks - Set 04
Eyelids - SLink -  Mesh Eyelids - solid
Hands - SLink - Mesh Hands - Casual (with Pink Fuel Appliers)
Feet - SLink - Mesh Feet - Flat ( with Pink Fuel appliers)

Pic 1:
Pose - Elephante Poses & Yumyums - My Sweet @Pose Fair 2014

Pic 2:
Pose - Elephante Poses & Yumyums - Sweet Nothing - 01 (Cryssie - left) @Pose Fair 2014
Pose - Elephante Poses & Yumyums - Sweet Nothing - 03 (Cat - right) @Pose Fair 2014

Pic 3:
Pose - Infiniti - Spring @Pose Fair 2014

Pic 4:
Pose - Infiniti - Catching Bubbles - 1 (Cat - left) @Pose Fair 2014
Pose - Infiniti - Catching Bubbles - 2 (Cryssie - right) @Pose Fair 2014

Pic 5:
Pose - NanTra - Dodge This! - 6 (Cryssie - at back) @Pose Fair 2014
Pose - NanTra - Dodge This! - 5 (Cat - at front) @Pose Fair 2014

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