Tuesday 1 April 2014

The Home Show 2014 - Part 1

The Home Show opened today and it is a full sim of fantastic creations from all your favourite furniture and décor stores in SL!


It's crazy how much stuff is here and it is going to take me a few posts to cover it so bear with me because I will be splitting this into several parts.

Here we go with part 1!

I thought I'd start with my favourite from this years event and Bazar has taken that title with their amazing Toronto Bathroom and Living Room sets.

Seriously stunning work and it blew me away. The land impact on this stuff is amazing too. Perfect for those of you with low prim allowances on your land.

The Toronto Bathroom came with so many pieces I almost didn't know where to begin.

All the major pieces have animations in them and I love all the small pieces of décor that make a room actually look lived in. Although if it was my bathroom there'd be a wet towel on the floor and I'd have an annoyed face animation being the one having to pick it up!

Bazar's Toronto Living Room is of and equally amazing standard.

The couch has become my new favourite couch in SL. That's a title that was held for so long by another store that I didn't think I'd ever find one to top it.

I'm also a big fan of things I can add pictures too and the bookcase with photo frames is a lovely touch. The entire set is just delicious.

I discovered two new stores at The Home Show that had slipped under my radar but make some beautiful things.

Follow Us have brought a gorgeous kitchen to this years event

I love the shabby chic feel to this kitchen. All the décor is included with the actual kitchen so it won't cost you extra prims to rez it out. The fridge comes separate too for those who maybe already have one or want to choose to rez it in a separate area to the main kitchen unit.

I also discovered Johadez during my exploration of the sim.

The chairs are great. I was impressed by the quality on the items and they are a bit different from all the other things I saw at The Home Show.

Okay well that's it for part 1, but trust me there will be plenty more parts to come!

Here's how to get there > The Home Show

Pic 1 & 2:
Toilet - Bazar - Toronto Bathroom - Toilet
Shelf - Bazar - Toronto Bathroom - Toilet Shelf
Picture - Bazar - Toronto Bathroom - Canvas
Sink - Bazar - Toronto Bathroom - Sink Left
Mirror - Bazar - Toronto Bathroom - Mirror
Towel - Bazar - Toronto Bathroom - Towel
Toothbrush - Bazar - Toronto Bathroom - Toothbrush
Toothpaste - Bazar - Toronto Bathroom - Toothpaste
Soap Dish - Bazar - Toronto Bathroom - Soap
Brushes - Bazar - Toronto Bathroom - Make Up Brushes
Razors - Bazar - Toronto Bathroom - Razors
Bottles - Bazar - Toronto Bathroom - Bottles
Flowers - Bazar - Toronto Bathroom - Flowers
Shower - Bazar - Toronto Bathroom - Shower
Rug - Bazar - Toronto Bathroom - Carpet
Bath - Bazar - Toronto Bathroom - Tub
Curtain - Bazar - Toronto Bathroom - Curtain
Left Shelf - Bazar - Toronto Bathroom - Shelf Female
Right Shelf - Bazar - Toronto Bathroom - Shelf Male
Ladies Sign - Bazar - Toronto Bathroom - Ladies Tag
Gents Sign - Bazar - Toronto Bathroom - Gents Tag

Pic 3 & 4:
Bookshelf Left - Bazar - Toronto Living Room - Bookshelf 1
Bookshelf Right - Bazar - Toronto Living Room - Bookshelf 2
Basket - Bazar - Toronto Living Room -  Pillows Basket
Picture Frame - Bazar - Toronto Living Room - Picture Frame 2
Lamp - Bazar - Toronto Living Room - Lamp
Curtains - Bazar - Toronto Living Room - Curtains Right & Left
Sofa - Bazar - Toronto Living Room -  Sofa
Chair - Bazar - Toronto Living Room - Wire Chair With Pillow
Artwork - Bazar - Toronto Living Room - World Map Art
Footstool - Bazar - Toronto Living Room - Pouf
Rug - Bazar - Toronto Living Room - Rug
Coffee Table - Bazar - Toronto Living Room - Coffee Table
Books Floor - Bazar - Toronto Living Room - Books
Books Table - Bazar - Toronto Living Room -  Books And Plate Decor
Plant On Table  - Bazar - Toronto Living Room - Grass Plant
Cupboard - Bazar - Toronto Living Room - Drawer Cabinet
Globe - Bazar - Toronto Living Room - Globe
Plant On Cupboard - Bazar - Toronto Living Room - Plant
Box With Letters - Bazar - Toronto Living Room - Mail Box
Candles - Bazar - Toronto Living Room -  Candlesticks
Chandelier - Bazar - Toronto Living Room - Chandelier

Pic 5:
Kitchen - Follow US - Cottage Kitchen
Fridge - Follow US - Cottage Fridge
Table - Follow US - Cottage Kitchen Table
Chair (Front) - Follow US - Cottage Kitchen Chair 1
Chair (Side) - Follow US - Cottage Kitchen Chair 2
Tray - Follow US - Cottage Kitchen Tray
Ladder - Floorplan - Tea Towel Ladder - White

Pic 6:
Fireplace - Johadez - Fireplace - Dream
Candlesticks - Johadez - Candle Tray - Heavenly
Fish Decor - Johadez - ArtyDeco - Angry Fish
Artwork - Johadez - Impulsive 2
Chairs - Johadez - ArmChair - Heavenly
Hookah - Johadez - Hookah
Tree - Johadez - Planter With Tree - Vibrations
Pictures - Johadez - WallArty Set - Typo

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