Friday 2 November 2012

Look Of The Day 02/11/2012 - Just A Girl

I'm so glad that Auxiliary released the double layer shirts with a plain over shirt. I liked the zombie special ones at Cinema but was like... gah I wish there was a plain black. Tyr seems to have been listening to my inner monologue and produced just that. Perfection! Of course had to be teamed with the Auxiliary skinny jeans that make my ass look epic and some low tops.

Credits time...

Shirt - Auxiliary - Cropped Double - Black (mesh)
Pants - Auxiliary - Skinny Jeans - Black (mesh)
Shoes - UBU - Lo-Top Pornstars
Necklace - je suis... - Aimee - Colour Change.
Hair - Exile - Silent Wings - Sunset (mesh)
Skin - League - Jen Pale - Feline
Pose - Frooti - Just A Girl

Basic Cryssie Essentials:
Tattoo - Kanival - 77. Superstar
Wedding Ring - Lapoint & Bastchild
Shape - My Own

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