Saturday 16 January 2016

The 10K Gift Card Giveaway! [CLOSED]

While 100,000 views might not be much to some large scale bloggers in Second Life it is a number I never expected to reach when I started blogging a couple of years back. I've always just done this to fulfill my desire to shop and take pictures and somehow along the way I've managed to not only find some incredible, generous creators who like me and my pictures enough to allow me to blog for them officially but I've also amassed a little group of readers. Or not so little as it would appear.

I'm having feels. Get your tickets to the feels train!

Because I appreciate you all choosing to come look at my pictures and read the nonsense that pours out of the end of my fingers I decided a while back that when I did finally hit 100,000 views I would do some kind of giveaway or contest. It's ended up being the 10K Gift Card Giveaway!

These are some of my favourite stores in Second Life and one lucky person will win the WHOLE lot.

I'd like to give a quick shout out to Amadeo Dubratt (Ama.), Julia Merosi (je suis...) and Luna Jubilee (!bang) who generously donated the gift cards from their stores for this give away. Much love to you all!

It's really simple to enter and I will give you the link shortly but first, as with all giveaways, there are some rules. There aren't many but it means everyone gets a fair shot!

1. One entry per person. You will be required to log into a google account to fill out this form if you're not already signed in. Obvious cheaters are always obvious and will be disqualified.

2. Entries to the 10K Gift Card Giveaway are only valid through the form below. Entries left in comments or on any social media will not be valid.

3. Giveaway closes on February 6th at 11:59pm GMT. No further entries will be accepted past that point. Each entry will be assigned a number and number will be chosen at random by a random number picker on the February 7th. That person will win all 10 giftcards.

4. The Winner can choose to keep and spend, or choose to distribute the gift cards. They are your cards now, do what you want!

5. Please do not IM, leave me messages or email me to tell me why you 'must win' this contest. Anyone who bothers me or tries to convince me they should be picked (it will be random!) will be disqualified.

6. Make sure you use your USERNAME and not your display name when entering the contest and that it's 100% spelled correctly. If I can't find you in Second Life, I will pick another winner.

7. While it won't affect your entry if you get picked as a winner and I can find you in my Facebook Page likers you'll get an extra prize! So hop on over there and click the like button to win a little something extra.

All read? Excellent! Now fill in the form below and GOOD LUCK!


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