Wednesday 1 January 2014

Goodbye 2013

A new year and a chance for that year to be the best year so far.

I just wanted to reflect a little on my 2013...

My 2013 started on the Cheeky Pea sim. The New Years Eve party that Isla threw is still a fond memory.

I was all dressed up in my new dress, my new shoes and my new hair. I'd been dancing the night away with some delightful people, some not so delightful, but all in all was a pleasurable night.

2013 would bring about a series of changes that not even I could have predicted.

I decided that I would give the 'blogging thing' a go. Little did I know I'd end up finding something that would bring me a welcome distraction and a strange inner peace during my not so easy parts of the past year. I hope it continues to do so.

It started dreary, as January often does. Christmas had been difficult, I'd lost my Grandfather, I was in a lot of physical pain too. However the dreary never really let up. Every time I found a break from it I realised that I was keeping a poison in my life that would never truly let me heal. It would continue to hold me back and keep me down.

It wasn't until the poison had taken everything it could from me and it finally left that I realised... hey, I deserve better!

And I did deserve better. I'd wasted the first six months, and many years before it, of my 2013 fighting this poison... so the last six needed to be good!

And good they were.

I went to pixel prom and had an amazing night! It was the night that was the start of my new beginning.

I reconnected with lost friends, I made new ones, I discovered friends in people who'd always been there but I'd been afraid to connect with and I spent time with the oldest and dearest ones that had been there through the bad times.

I explored, I wasn't afraid to talk to people any more. I didn't have a reason to hold back or have to make excuses for other people's bad behaviour... I could be myself.

Myself is quite fun! LOL

I met glorious people. Fun, exciting, friendly people who embraced me for everything I am with no exceptions. I found my light... that one person who dragged me through all the crap and got me out the other side, dusted me off and told me that I mattered.

My real life changed too.

I got a new job, I looked for a new place to live... I changed everything. Maybe all a little bit too fast.
I've hit a little bump... a bump I know before would have sent me plummeting down into my little pit of sadness. I've made something worse, my pain levels have increased.

But this time I have my light, I have my special people, I have everything I need to keep my head above water for the most part. I have the occasional sink... but they're right there to pull me back up.

I don't know what I'd do without them.

2013 was a rough year. It started bad, it got worse and then it blossomed into this wonderful experience that has made me happier than I've been in years.

So this is to them. My special people! (You know who you are!) Here's to 2014 and the next 12 months of continued happiness.

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