Wednesday 13 November 2013

Shoetopia 2013 - League, G-Field & Apple Fall

Shoetopia 2013 opens on the 15th November and will run until the 30th. They have some amazing designers bringing you the best quality shoes SL has to offer.

Shoetopia is supporting the charity Soles4Souls. It's a fantastic organisation that supports those in all all around the world. It puts shoes on the feet of underprivileged children to attend school or to assist during much bigger crisis such as those currently affected by the recent storms in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

They use the slogan 'Every shoe deserves a second life' and as an avid Second Life shoe lover I think that there's no better cause that Shoetopia could support.

Each designer will offer at least one item that donated 100% to Soles4Souls, just look for the little blue sign to find the donation items.

Now... onto the shoes... sorry, this might be a long one!

League... hands down my favourite designer and has been since I first discovered Nena's work back in 2008. So it made sense that it was the first place I rushed to as soon as the doors opened.

I've been looking for a pair of wintery boots and League has delivered!

The textures and quality on the Winter Wedge boots is breath taking. I actually squeed with joy. They come in packs of three tones of each colour or a HUGE fatpack of colours. The fur, laces and souls are colour change so you can mix and match to your hearts content using the hud.

There's just enough room to squeeze in your favourite skinny mesh jeans too! Love that!

Also from League are these adorable T-bar Pumps. You will need to have the SLink medium feet to wear these.

Again the detail is phenomenal and the metal parts are colour change so you can match them to your accessories. They come in gorgeous autumn/winter colours but this turquoise really caught my eye.

I like that the heel is substantial and not too skinny. I love a good solid looking heel on a pair of shoes.

And one last pair from League. These are the donation item for Soles4Souls and they are a limited edition colour that are exclusive to Shoetopia.

They are the Lauren Wedge that League released a little while back, but this limited edition colour is gorgeous. I'm not usually a purple girl but I love these.

As always the quality you expect from League and a worthwhile purchase to support a great cause!

League aren't the only designer at Shoetopia. Another great designer who always delivers on quality is G-Field.

I'm a big G-Field fan, I have many of their shoes and Nancy Wedge Boots are making a welcome addition to my shoe fetish... I mean collection...

Really feeling the fur trim on these. They've put me in a very wintery mood. Plus they are G-Fields Soles4Souls donation item so getting your tootsies in these beautiful shoes will also be helping cover someone else's tootsies with much needed shoes!

Lastly, and surprisingly, a shoe release from Apple Fall. It's their first shoe release and these Hugg Boots I'd say are a great start to what is hopefully going to be a large shoe line *fingers crossed*

Apple Fall has always produced furniture and buildings of what I can only describe as an epic standard. The shoes are no different.

They have a vast array of textures for you to choose from, so many that it would be impossible for me to list and so I recommend you go and look when the doors open to the public on 15th and TRY and make a choice... or buy them all!

These Kitty ones caught my eye, probably because of the kitty!

He's even wearing a tiny bow tie!

When I thought I couldn't love these enough I realised I hadn't checked the donation item for Soles4Soles and spotted these...

Studded, limited edition, Hugg Boots... STUDDED!

I'm a sucker for a studded anything and ohmigod these made my head almost explode! Definitely worth the purchase and knowing it was going to a good cause, even better!

Amazing detail and quality on these. If Apple Fall don't release more shoes after Shoetopia I'm going to follow him around SL just muttered 'shoes, shoes, shoes...' over and over until he caves and makes more.

I'm not actually going to do that by the way... in case you thought I was crazy...

All the poses I used in these pictures are in the Embody gatcha angel at Shoetopia. So you can grab some of those too along with other adorable little goodies and poses from many other designers.

As with all big events that are based around charitable donations there are donation boxes dotted all over the Shoetopia build. Please consider throwing some of your loose Lindens in there for Soles4Souls. I can't stress of much of a fantastic organisation they are and really deserve your support. As a fellow shoe lover I know you'll probably be behind them as much as I am.

If you'd like more information about Soles4Souls then check out their website:

More Shoefair to come... I promise!

1st Pic:
Boots - League - Winter Wedge Boots - Cream/Grey/Black Pack
Pants - The Secret Store - Rise Skinny Jeans - Black
Pose - Embody - F Footing - 5

2nd Pic:
Shoes - League - Vintage T-Bar Pumps - Turquoise (SLink medium feet required)
Pants - The Secret Store - Rise Skinny Jeans - Black
Skin - League - Jen Pale - Lush
Feet - SLink - Mesh Feet - Medium (with League appliers)
Pose - Embody - F Footsie - 4

3rd Pic:
Boots - League - Lauren Wedge Boots - Limited Edition Purple
Skin - League - Jen Pale - Lush
Pose - Embody - F Footloose - 2

4th Pic:
Boots - G-Field - Nancy Wedge Boots - Charcoal
Skin - League - Jen Pale - Lush
Pose - Embody - F Footing - 2

5th Pic:
Boots - Apple Fall - Hugg Boot - Kitty
Pants - The Secret Store - Rise Skinny Jeans - Blue Denim
Pose - Embody - F Footloose - 1

6th Pic:
Boots - Apple Fall - Hugg Boot - Studded Limited Edition
Pants - The Secret Store - Rise Skinny Jeans - Blue Denim
Pose - Embody - F Footsie - 2

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