Friday 31 August 2018

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

I'm sat here enjoying some wine because it's my birthday tomorrow so ultimate relaxing mode is happening. I decided to work on a picture for the blog with some goodies from Whimsical.

I really love this cute outfit from Maru Kado. Both the skirt and sweatshirt come in 7 colours and you get two versions per colour in the sweatshirts. If you grab the fatpacks you get these cute striped versions too. They are made in fitmesh but it doesn't specify a certain body so I'd suggest trying a demo and playing with your alpha HUD to see if it would work for you. Although it doesn't seem to be rigged over the breast area so they will remain small no matter how big you make them.

Happy Shopping!

*Shirt - Maru Kado - YamiKawa - Sweatshirt - Fatpack @Whimsical
*Skirt - Maru Kado - YamiKawa - Skirt - Black @Whimsical
*Eyeliner - UniCult - Belle Eyeshadow - 1 @Whimsical
Nails - E.Marie - Daily Slay Set - Coffin
*Hair - Tram - H0813 - HUD A @Uber
*Skin - League - Sadie - Pale
*Eyes - Avi-Glam - Delicate Eyes
*Eyelashes - Euphoric - Leila Lashes
Head - Catwa - Eva Bento Head
Body - Maitreya - Lara Mesh Body
*Pose - La Baguette - Fiona - 3 Bis

*Counter - Cherry House - Afternoon Tea Gacha - Counter @Whimsical
*Computer - Cherry House - Afternoon Tea Gacha - Computer @Whimsical
*Sign - Cherry House - Afternoon Tea Gacha - Shop Mark A @Whimsical
*Menu - Cherry House - Afternoon Tea Gacha - Meal Card @Whimsical
*Frames - Cherry House - Afternoon Tea Gacha - Frame @Whimsical
*Long Table - Cherry House - Afternoon Tea Gacha - Square Table @Whimsical
*Stool - Cherry House - Afternoon Tea Gacha - Stool @Whimsical
*Building - Cherry House - Afternoon Tea Gacha - Tea House RARE @Whimsical

All items marked with an asterisk (*) are review copies provided by designers or blogger groups.

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