Monday 18 July 2016

Owl Eyes Unwinding

It's The Epiphany's birthday round and you have until August 15th go gacha your brains out at this awesome event. Don't forget to trade in your doubles for points so you can get your hands on those must have exclusives!

Owl Eyes Unwinding

You can find the bodysuit, boots, armlets and necklace in the Energy Set Gacha by Blueberry. It's 50L a pull and there are so many pieces in here for you to mix and match that you are definitely going to get something good. The best part is you can complete a full outfit just with commons so you don't have to go nuts trying to get rares. I love gachas like that. Make sure you are playing the right gacha for the body type you are using.

If you want this pretty Oriana 2 hair and the adorable little unicorn horn then go and throw a few lindens at the Truth Unicorn Gacha. It's only 50L per pull. Oriana 2 and Atalia are the commons and you can win all the usual Truth colour packs. Oriana is the rare and you'll get 3 colour packs per win. You'll also find the unicorn headbands and some adorable unicorn wall mounts in the machine.

*Bodysuit - Blueberry - Energy Set Gacha - #11 Catsuit Sky @The Epiphany
*Boots - Blueberry - Energy Set Gacha - #14 Boots Sky @The Epiphany
*Necklace - Blueberry - Energy Set Gacha - #25 Choker Sky @The Epiphany
*Armlets - Blueberry - Energy Set Gacha - #21 Armlets @The Epiphany
*Headband - Truth - Unicorn Gacha - 12. Oriana Accessory - Silver @The Epiphany
*Owl - Drot - Spirit Owl Gacha - Grey RARE @The Epiphany
*Tattoo - White Widow - Shallows Gacha - Henna RARE @The Epiphany
Lipstick - Insol - Glamour Shine Lipstick Palette
*Hair - Truth - Unicorn Gacha - Oriana 2 - 8. Pastels Pack
Skin - Insol - Inessa - Peach
Eyes - Ikon - Triumph Eyes - Moor
Head - Catwa - Alice Head (with Insol appliers)
Body - Maitreya - Lara Mesh Body (with Insol appliers)
*Pose - Imeka - Sits 08 - Pose 4 @The Seasons Story

Taken at Vintage Romance (Britain Knave)

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