Tuesday 18 February 2014

So Inappropriate

I am probably the most inappropriate with my friends. They hear me say some shocking stuff but surprisingly aren't that shocked by it. I'm not sure if that says more about me or them :P

But anyway the lines of what is appropriate definitely gets blurred in SL. Sometimes that shocks me but as the years go on it gets less and less.

I never wear attachments that poke out of my mouth or hang off my tongue because in the general wandering of SL I wonder why you'd be walking around with you tongue hanging out. Is that just me?

However I found a cute card attachment that I had to blog because I thought even if it's not for walking around all day in SL it definitely is super cute for a picture.

And vastly inappropriate Cryssie is born! LOL

I guess more so if you're British (and I am). So I'm being very naughty right now and if this were junior school I'd have my fingers selotaped together and no recess for flicking the V's! (that sounds so bad)

The nail polish is from ZOZ and is the real reason I'm being naughty, I wanted to show it off.

The necklace is from Izzie's and is called KeyHeart. I think it's adorable and it can be found at The Dressing Room Fusion for a bargain price of 70L.

The outfit is from Buttery Toast, which is a very distracting store name and makes me hungry, and is called Love Blooms. You even get the shoes and the socks.

The attachment that started it all is from Fujiwara's World and is part of their Look At My Card gatcha. I got Queen of Hearts. YAY!

I'm sharing the furniture I use now too, since our amazing SL furniture creators need some blog love too.

I think the piano from Serenity Style is so cute. It's a bit more fun than a normal wooden piano and probably something I'd pick for my RL house if I had space.

The memories shelf is also from Serenity Style and is part of their gatcha. I was glad to get the blue, it suited the rest of the room.

I promise I'll be back to well behaved Cryssie by next post!

Outfit & Shoes - Buttery Toast - Love Blooms
Necklace - Izzie's - HeartKey Necklace - Silver Long (The Dressing Room Fusion)
Tongue Card - Fujiwara's World - Look At My Card - Tongue Queen Hearts
Hair - Truth - Melita - Gingers Pack
Skin - League - Jen Pale - China Doll
Eyes - IKON - Spectral Eyes - Moor
Eyelashes - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelashes
Hands - SLink - Mesh Hands - Casual (left) & Victory (right)
Nail Polish - ZOZ - Just Dark Metals Polish - Ruby (require SLink hands)
Pose - Label Motion - Cigar - Pose 4 (The Dressing Room Fusion)

Piano - Serenity Style - Stavaganza Love
Picture Frames - Barnesworth Anubis - Picture Frames - Square Trio (textures in frames are full perm from marketplace)
Shelf - Serenity Style - Memories Shelf - Blue
Trunk - MudHoney - Priya Trunk - Teal
Rug - MudHoney - Priya Rug - Beige
Elephants - Pizza's - Kissyphants (Mingle)
Books - Floorplan - Assorted books from freebie area
Lamp - Apple Fall - Manhanttan Table Lamp
Posters - Floorplan - Wall Clutter
Sofa - MudHoney - Priya Sofa - Teal
Scrabble - Apple Fall - Let's Play Scrabble

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