Friday 23 August 2013

FatePlay Cosplay

I'm a sucker for a good cosplay outfit and FatePlay has delivered yet again.

In fact Damien has down right outdone himself on his latest release. I was really, really impressed with the level of detail and quality in these items.

First up we have an adorable Anime style outfit. It comes with the wand which comes with animations and a Heart Spiral attack... which is not only addictively fun, but cute. I clicked it SO many times.

It comes in a bunch of colours too! Love options!

Outfit - FatePlay - Rena - Thunder
Hair - Truth - Tymber - Marmalade w/roots
Skin - League - Jen Pale - Lush
Lipstick - Pink Fuel - Glossy pout Lipstick - Milkshake 50% Opacity
Hands - SLink - Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)

Pose - aDORKable - Noh Mai - 5

Next up we have a cosplay outfit that I found outstanding and I'm not even a Harry Potter fan... *waits for the audible gasp*

The detail is amazing and I'm increasingly tempted to try to get more into Harry Potter so I have an excuse to wear this costume a bit more.

Comes in both black and grey and has colour options for all four houses. A quick online test found by a friend of mine told me apparently I'd be Gryffindor.

Outfit - FatePlay - Jenny - Gryffindor Grey
Shoes - LeLutka - Pow Pumps - Black
Hair - Truth - Lavinia - Marmalade w/roots
Skin - League - Jen Pale - Peach
Hands - SLink - Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)

Pose - Label Motion - Draya Pose - 4

I hope you cosplayers/RPers enjoy these releases. I might wander around dressed like a Hogwarts student for a while... just for the sake of it.

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