Thursday 31 January 2013

5th Rezday

So today is my 5th Rezday. 5 whole years in Second Life. It's had it's up and it's downs but I can't imagine myself walking away from it. I've met some amazing people (and some utter fucknuckles) and I can't imagine my life without some of you in it... you know who you are.

Mostly I can't imagine my life without all the awesome creations that adorn my gorgeous SL self (LOL)!

So in the spirit of celebrating things I got a bit tarted up and had a cupcake!

Dress - Maitreya - Frenzy Party Dress - Emerald (mesh)
Necklace - Yummy - Winter Flower Necklace - Copper (mesh)
Hair - Exile - Beyond The Waves - Sunset (mesh)
Skin - League - Jen Pale - Glam
Tattoo - Kanival - 77. Superstar
Shape - My Own
Pose - Glitterati - Bitch - 4

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